Ben & Kash discuss the ever-evolving situation around loot boxes as the ESA tries to wade in and self-regulate before governments come in heavy handed. Whilst on the subject of the ESA, they have their own data security issues to deal with as a database containing personal information for hundreds of gaming press is leaked. Everyone’s favourite President also wades in on Video Games and their links t the latest mass shootings in America.

Diablo and Daggerfall are preserved by enthusiastic fans while Bethesda mess up their latest ports of the classic Doom games. Destiny 2 suffers some delays which prompts some discussion around what loot shooter will we be playing in the autumn, that or Borderlands 3? Rockstar have also hit mainstream news outlets in a massive tax scandal which sheds light on both the poor tax laws in the UK but also provides a further insight into what company Rockstar is exactly.