Super Mario Maker 2 is out now on the Nintendo Switch and allows for almost unlimited 2D Mario fun, both at home and on the go. Packing in even more tools and options than the original on WiiU and the 3DS spin-off, this is a huge package that has a lot to offer.
Gunbreaker is the newest Tank class to hit Final Fantasy XIV with the launch of Shadowbringers. Heavily inspired by Final Fantasy 8’s main character, this flashy new class wields the beloved (and often mocked) Gunblade to defend their party members.

Matty returns this week with more tales from Ancient Greece, has been making some Mario and Kash is singlehandedly bumping up Ubisoft’s share price. We also cover the latest news such as the new and improved Switch model, Monster Hunter World milestones and Instagram-influencer dramas we’re too old to understand.

Stadia continues to confuse around where we can actually play it in November, the Smash Pro scene hits a seedy controversy and Nintendo announce a new revision of the Switch that doesn’t actually switch.

Ben and Kash try to explain what Auto Chess is and Matty tels us why he thinks Google Stadia is going to be a failure.

We take a look at this often overlooked, but beautifully aged entry into the Final Fantasy series. Now available on Switch and Xbox One with some new enhancements not even seen in last years PS4/PC release, meaning you can take the definitive adventure across the land of Ivalice.
BABA is You but what is Win? We play through this mind bending, programming logic puzzle game on the Switch and nearly lose our minds. BABA IS YOU can be purchased on the eShop for £11.29 or on Steam for £11.39.
We take a look at Cuphead running on the Switch. After 18 months of exclusivity on Microsoft platforms this indie run & gun passion project can finally be taken on the move. Cuphead launch on 18 April 2019 on Switch, priced £16.99.

Welcome to our very first, pilot episode of THEPAD! On the show we talk about the things we’ve been playing recently, play a guessing game over what were the biggest hits at E3 and take a look at the news.