As we hit the holiday season there’s plenty of stuff to be playing and the boys catch up on what they’ve been spending their time on over the last few weeks. On top of that we play Blizzard or Bust, to see what Matty & Kash can remember about the latest out of Blizzcon, whilst also taking a look at the latest news from the rest of the gaming world.

We’ve been playing more Destiny recently as well as Ben delving into the Megadrive Mini console, and Kash indulging in some Mount & Blade. On top of that we’ve got the news which spells more political trouble for Blizzard & their stance on China but also a number of delays for incoming releases, one of which is a big one.

Destiny 2 is back on everyone’s plates this week and Kash catch up and Ben delves back into the Moon. The news is hotting up with Doom Eternal shifting its release and Sony confirming the PS5 for 2020. Blizzard is the main topic of conversation this week however, with their actions over a Hearthstone player support for the Hong Kong protests.

After a few weeks away we have tons to talk about! Gamescom has been an dgone and brought with it a ton of news, aparently Dota2 tournaments have huge prize pools, Disney classics from the Megadrive era are coming back and Destiny looks like its bringing back some old cotent that never got released.

Ben & Kash discuss the ever-evolving situation around loot boxes as the ESA tries to wade in and self-regulate before governments come in heavy handed. Whilst on the subject of the ESA, they have their own data security issues to deal with as a database containing personal information for hundreds of gaming press is leaked. Everyone’s favourite President also wades in on Video Games and their links t the latest mass shootings in America.

Diablo and Daggerfall are preserved by enthusiastic fans while Bethesda mess up their latest ports of the classic Doom games. Destiny 2 suffers some delays which prompts some discussion around what loot shooter will we be playing in the autumn, that or Borderlands 3? Rockstar have also hit mainstream news outlets in a massive tax scandal which sheds light on both the poor tax laws in the UK but also provides a further insight into what company Rockstar is exactly.